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Necessity is the mother of invention.

A need or problem encourages creative efforts to meet the need or solve the problem


Mission Statement

To provide a simple and effective storage solution.

The RiP-RAC® is the perfect storage solution for those

messy leads, ropes, Christmas lights, handbags, fishing rods and so much more.

A multipurpose storage system that is simple to use and very effective. 

This inexpensive storage rack is space efficient, compact and durable.

Perfect for you!

This is the story of RiPRAC®

The master mind behind

RiP-RAC® is Paul Anderson. He is an innovative and creative person. He is one of those people who is full of ideas and can find solutions to anything that needs fixing or repairing in or around the home or at work. 

The RiP-RAC® storage system was one of those ideas that was so loved by his family and friends, that Paul decided to share it with the world.

Paul has been involved in the music industry for many years. Working as a DJ with

PA systems and a roadie for a rock band. He always struggled with all the leads and cables tangled and always had to untangle leads and cables before the show. He put his thinking cap on and after a few ideas came up with the


Paul made a few for himself and then his mates wanted one and their mates and so on it went. Realizing there was nothing on the market like it Paul invested in some industrial sewing machines and went about making

RiP-RAC®. After 20 years since first introducing RiP-RAC® to the market, more as a hobby than a serious business, the time has come to relaunch RiP-RAC® as a serious contender in the market place. Now with a  Website, Patents, Trademarks, Barcodes, new colourful packaging, and a new and exciting marketing strategy and fresh and exciting ideas for its use.

RiP-RAC® is back!

Originally designed as a storage system to keep

leads and cables organized, separate and tangle free,

it soon became apparent through customer feedback that the

RiP-RAC® was ideal for many other uses. It is perfect for computer leads and cables, electrical extension leads, ropes and hoses, Christmas lights,

fishing rods, and for the ladies hanging their handbags.


RiP-RAC® Australia

We are a small family business working together to deliver quality made, Australian made products to our customers. Our Hook and Loop is of the highest quality and our storage systems are manufactured on our business premises here in Australia. As our business grows we hope to offer employment to those disadvantaged in our community. 

We would like to invite you to support us and be part of the

RiP-RAC® family.

Please give us your feedback on what you think of our products and the uses you come up with. Thank you      

A short history lesson

In the 1940's the Swiss inventor George de Mestral was hiking

and came home with cockleburs on his trousers.

His microscope showed that cockleburs were covered with

hundreds of tiny hooks, and that his trousers were covered

with hundreds of tiny loops. The hooks engaged the loops,

and stuck!

De Mestral decided to turn his discovery into something useful.

He perfected and patented a hook product and a loop product

that mimicked the cocklebur and trouser combination.

His invention is usually called "hook and loop tape." 

The "hook tape" has stiff little hooks on it, while 

the "loop tape" is soft and fuzzy. Together, they are called 

a "hook and loop fastener."

So, what is "Velcro" ? De Mestral offered his new product

under the trademark VELCRO®,  from the French word velvet, "velour"

and for the hook, "crochet". His company, and its successors

(the Velcro companies) are known throughout the world

as the original (and, we think the best) manufacturers

of hook and loop fasteners, and other products.

Now you know what "Velcro" is!

It is the name of a group of companies, and it is trademark for its products.

It is not the generic name of the stuff that fastens shoes,

pockets, wallets or RiP-RAC®.  

That stuff is hook and loop fasteners. WEB-9105.jpg WEB-8334.jpg WEB-8236.jpg WEB-8295.jpg WEB-8282.jpg
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