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Our unique Patented storage racks are manufactured

here in Australia using genuine VELCRO ® Brand Hook and Loop fasteners.


How does RiP-RAC® work? 

The RiP-RAC®  in constructed using Hook and Loop fasteners of many colours and sizes. The “Back strap” usually made from Loop fastener is one length and has “Tabs” usually made from Hook fastener are attached in a number of ways (usually sewn) to the “Back Strap” in assorted positions along the strap. The strap can have an attachment or “Hanging device” and may have a “label” at the top of the strap. The “Tabs” can have “tab end” usually made from Loop fastener fitted to each “TAB”. Using Hook and Loop fasteners to secure and store a number of items in its number of “TABS”. 
Nothing in the market compares with the RiP-RAC
® . It is unique in the way we utilise Hook and Loop fasteners in this method.  RiP-RAC®  is a very clever way to secure and store all types of different items separate and securely.    
Ideal for Music leads, Electric and Computer cables, Fishing rods, Ropes, Handbags, Clothes, to name a few. It is very strong and can hold a lot of weight in each tab. It can hold a number of music leads for example, separate and tangle free.     


RiP-RAC® Storage rack manufactured using genuine VELCRO ® Brand Hook & Loop fastener comprising of one strap with hanging ring with a number of  tabs that are Industrial reinforced stitched for strength.

RiP-RAC® can hold in each holding tabs up to 1.5 kg per 100mm tabs, and up to 4.0 kg per 250mm tabs, with a total weight of 10kg. The size, shape & weight of the item, will determine if it can be stored. The smaller circumference the more weight it can hold. The larger circumference of the item the less weight can be stored based on the guide below.

To be used as a guide only:


Hook & Loop Fastener closure performance
          Shear strength length-wise = 0.98 kg/cm²   20 psi
          Shear strength width-wise = 0.74 kg/cm²  10.5 psi
          Tension or latching effect = 0.46 kg/cm²  6.5 psi
          Peel strength length wise = .54 kg/cm²  1.6 piw

e.g.    100 mm tab can hold a maximum 30 mm circumference = max. 1.5 kg
         175 mm tab can hold a maximum 50 mm circumference = max. 3 kg 

         250 mm tab can hold a maximum 100 mm circumference = max. 4 kg

Maximum weight 10 kilograms per rack

CUP HOOK supplied has a Load rating into Stud work of 29 kgs



Please Note: The cup hook supplied by RiP-RAC Australia Pty. Ltd. 

is provided as a gift only.

RiP-RAC Australia Pty. Ltd. takes no responsibility for flaws in the hook or improper installation causing risk, injury or damage.

VELCRO® Brand sew on hook is a heavy duty hook tape with over 300 hooks per square inch and has a high cycle life of 10,000 + operating cycles. This hook utilises a heavier weight hook to maximize performance without minimizing cycle-life. 

VELCRO® Brand sew on hook and loop has a capacity to hold

6.3 kgs per 1 square inch of closure.

VELCRO® Brand sew on hook and loop fastener used by RiP-RAC Australia Pty. Ltd.

may be compromised if exposed to prolong moisture and directed sunlight.

RiP-RAC Australia Pty. Ltd takes no responsibility for any misuse of products.

riprac pic02opp.jpg
riprac pic02.jpg


The Unique Storage System

riprac pic02opp.jpg
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